If you still need help defining Gunna’s new phrase “Pushin P” ask IHOP. The famous pancake franchise made it clear that they love hip-hop music and they have a firm definition for what they believe “pushin’ p” means.

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Yesterday, the company took it to Twitter to let their 350 thousand followers know that they have been “pushin’ p” and the p is for pancakes.

Gunna responded in a Tweet, saying, “IHOP Pushin’ P.” Of course he used the big blue P emoji.


If you’re lost in the sauce, everybody is currently using the phrase “pushin’ p” because of Gunna. “pushin’ p” is the lead single from the YSL No.1 album DS4Ever.

Gunna has given multiple definitions of what “p” is, and he has received a ton of backlash for coining the phrase, but the Atlanta rapper never said he originated the urban slang “p,” he’s just pushing it and now has the world pushing it.

If you haven’t heard the fourth and last installment of his Drip Season series, I suggest you give it a chance. If you still need clarification of what is “p,” check him out explaining it below.