Kanye West and Julia Fox are a wrap. Fox boasts of her ability as a hustler following the break-up, stating she came up off the relationship with the Hip-Hop billionaire.

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According to PEOPLE, the couple’s two-month relationship, which kicked off on New Year’s Eve and wrapped on Valentine’s Day, is over. A rep for the actress said in a statement, “Julia and Kanye remain good friends and collaborators, but they are no longer together.”

That didn’t stop Fox from speaking for herself, hopping online and dropping a response to a report that she cried:


“Y’all would love if I was soooo upset! The media would love to paint a picture of me a sad lonely woman crying on a plane by myself but it’s NOT TRUE!! Why not see me for what I am which is a #1 hustler. I came up yall lol and not only that but Kanye and I are on good terms! I have love for him but I wasn’t in love w the man Jesus Christ what do u guys think I am 12 years old?!”

The source told PEOPLE that a difference in location made it nearly impossible for the two to be together. Meanwhile, YE is back on the hunt for Skete Davidson.