Reebok’s “Life is Not a Spectator Sport” theme and the aim of its youth physical activity program, BOKS, are reflected in the repaired playing field and a unique butterfly mural, which encourages kids to get active and connect with life and one another. In conjunction with Boys & Girls Clubs of America and non-profit Project Backboard, Reebok introduced a refurbished basketball court for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson, California, on Tuesday, March 22. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson, California, serves 5,400 youngsters in Carson, Gardena, and South Los Angeles and is located 20 miles south of Los Angeles.

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Reebok unveiled “Life is Not a Spectator Sport” this month, a daring new global brand campaign to encourage individuals to follow their passions, celebrate their uniqueness, and become active participants in the world around them.


“‘ Life is Not a Spectator Sport’ is an especially important message for kids,” said Caroline Machen, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing at Reebok Design Group. “Enhancing the game of basketball has always been a part of Reebok’s DNA and we’re excited to bring this message to their home court in a way that makes sense for them. Even if it’s one Club or community at a time, if we continue to do the work, we can help build a more connected, active, and creative generation.” 


Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson recognizes the diverse needs of families in the community and works to help kids and teens reach their full potential by providing safe, inclusive, and engaging environments.

“The ongoing pandemic has sidelined our kids for far too long,” commented Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson CEO, Kim Richards. “I can’t think of a better way to get kids back in the game than having our clubhouse basketball court transformed thanks to the generosity of Reebok and Project Backboard. These renovations are a slam dunk toward our vision to provide equitable access to sports and fitness for kids in our under-resourced community.”

The months-long renovation included acquiring brand new portable basketball hoops, correcting surface cracks and bumps, putting fresh coats of sealant for durability, and painting a lovely butterfly mural designed by artist Shannon Peel.

“The butterfly is a symbol of metamorphosis and growth, which is central to Reebok’s ‘Life is Not a Spectator Sport’ message,” added Peel. “We wanted to integrate elements that represent energy, movement, strength, and effort, while maintaining a functional playing space that does not distract the kids during play, but rather supports them.”

Reebok and Club employees introduced the revitalized space to its members on Tuesday for the first time. Kids and staff received new Reebok sneakers as part of the unveiling, which included a virtual discussion with Reebok executives and speeches from local elected officials Jawane Hilton and Cedric L. Hicks Sr., as well as mini-games and activities on their new court.

“This sports court is special because it reminds Club youth that achieving their goals is truly possible by getting out of the stands and actively participating in life – both on the court and off,” continued Richards.

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