The NFL quarterback carousel is in full motion. DeShaun Watson is in Cleveland, Russell Wilson to Denver, and Matt Ryan is now in Indianapolis, which leaves a couple of teams without quarterbacks. Could Colin Kaepernick fill the void?

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According to TMZ Sports, famous football trainer David Robinson has revealed multiple NFL teams have inquired about the QB after the two engaged in offseason workouts. Robinson states the Dallas workouts led to five teams asking about his condition.

“A few teams have reached out to me and asked how his arm looked,” said Robinson. “They have reached out and asked about him.”


Kaepernick has been out the elague since 2016, but the 34-year-old flashed his arm recently, tossing balls to Seattle Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett.

“He definitely has the ability to play on somebody’s roster — like, right now,” Robinson said. “Like, a couple of the guys that were in the session that were on NFL teams were saying that his arm is just as strong as guys’ that we got on our roster right now and can play.”

You can see the workout video below.