Letoya Luckett opened up about how being a member of Destiny’s Child affected her confidence.

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During a visit to the “Good Moms, Bad Choices” podcast, the original  member said being in the group took a toll on her confidence. Before entering the group at age 11, she was singing lead in church and in her previous singing group. Once she became a member of Destiny’s Child, she had to compromise and while in midst of that she lost her confidence.

“With a lot of partnerships, we lose ourselves to become one or we feel it’s going to make us cohesive or make the situation work out better,” Luckett said.


While in the group, she said she had to be flexible and “play her role” not knowing how that would change how she felt about herself.

“I didn’t feel like I couldn’t sing lead when I came out of [Destiny’s Child] because for so long I felt like I had sacrificed myself for the greater good,” the 41-year-old added.

Looking back, she reflected about what she would tell her younger self.

“What I would’ve told my younger self is to not lose myself even being a team player in that situation,” she said. “That I still matter. I still have a voice.”

“Still remain confident in who God created you to be and the gift that He gave you,” she continued. “You don’t have to shrink yourself to be good at your role….I learned so much from that situation.”

The Preacher’s Kid star also spoke about her relationship with her former group members, saying that her departure didn’t ruin their lifelong friendship.

“It’s beautiful that after so many years the love is still there. Through everything we’ve been through people can assume that we hate each other and it didn’t work out and blah blah blah but we were friends first.”

Listen to the episode below.