King Archie has put together some incredible singles over the last few years. “Supernatural,” his latest work is King Archie’s (@archieiam_) magnum opus. Archie’s delivery in this new single is in a class by itself. His flow is entirely different from the current ATL sound we’re accustomed to listening to from Atlanta’s highest-selling rappers. In addition, the bridge and the hook on this song are very appealing.

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“Oh, Ms. Lucy, dead and gone. [You] left me here to weep alone.

Ummm, I be really unbothered, talking about really unbothered.


Telling myself to go harder. 

All of my b***ch water, I am the sun and the father. 

Sh*t can get deep in this b***ch I use to ride on Marta.”

The 28-year-old artist, singer-songwriter, and producer have had an ear for composing good music since his first year in high school. King Archie fuses folk and hip-hop culture into one, has lured a broad spectrum of listeners from different genres to consume more music from the Atlanta rappers’ music catalog. 

“Supernatural” was co-produced by hit-making music engineer, producer, and artist Tommy Stoner (@tommyston3r). Tommy has worked with some of the best acts in the city, such as Gucci Mane, Young Thug, Yeshua Alexander, Lil Quill, Polo G, Rocko, etc. So if you like what you hear, check out be sure ArchieIAm’s Spotify page and be sure to add his music to your playlist.