Last night Keyshia Cole went live on Instagram to talk to her fans about her ill fated relationship with NFL free agent Antonio Brown. The Grammy-nominated artist took to Instagram to discuss her relationship with the free-agent wide receiver, days after he shared a video on Instagram speculated to be of Cole showing off a lower back tattoo of his initials.

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After recently sharing her new ‘AB’ tattoo on her lower back. Cole took issue with the caption of Brown’s video, which read: “You Ain’t Pimpin Until You Hit An RnB Diva. #FreeAgent #KeepPimpin.”

“It was a little harsh,” Cole said in an Instagram Live with celebrity stylist EJ King. “Maybe he doesn’t know that it was a little harsh for him to say that. Even me speaking to him, he was like, ‘Do you want me to change the caption?’ And I was like no, I don’t want you to change the caption.”


King called the caption “a little insensitive,” adding that if Cole told Brown the latter, “You’ll start to resent him if he’s not in a place of receiving what you’re trying [to say].”

Now AB is telling Keyshia to keep his name out of her mouth…

In a live stream from Dubai Antonio says, “We don’t want you Keyshia” and calls himself a player. He also calls Keyshia a clout chaser and said she hit him up to do something, they did it and that was it and now he wants her to leave him alone.
Watch the mess unfold below. 

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