Brian Henry a.k.a B-Hen is a galvanizing, cultural curator that helps to elevate and push diasporic boundaries through experiences. One of those experiences is the annual B-Hen Block Party. Attendees have inlcuded Lenae Waithe, Meagna Good, Amber Rose, Brandy and more.

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The Morehouse alumnus speaks to his partnership with DIAGEO and how it has helped as an additive resource to B-Hen’s Block party.

“I love the fact that DIAGEO has committed $10 million to 25 HBCUs,” says Henry. “It’s about Black excellence and celebrating the authenticity of who we are. It’s great to have a partner on board that champions our initiatives as a community.”


Brian cites Frankie Knuckles as one of his biggest influences for what the Block Party represents: a space where everyone is welcomed.

“The suppressed happen to be the most creative because you need outlets to express yourself in order to feel free,” Brian says.

Knuckles and Larry Levan supported all communities using their outlets. B-Hen echoes the initiatives of those who have come before him with the outlet of his annual block party. With music as the most common universal language, Henry uses that mold to bring people together. He compares DJing to a full body massage.

“Every part of your body represents a different genre. Whether it’s Soca, West Coast G-Funk, East Coast Hip-Hop, New Orleans bounce or hyphy, I play all music of the diaspora,” he says.

Henry recalls being mentored by D-Nice who taught him the importance of presentation as you elevate in spaces. As he continues to elevates, Brian remembers to not measure his happiness with career milestones. Instead, he appreciates the journey.

“I define my happiness by living a life of passion and purpose, while perpetually being a force in a space that allows people to experience joy,” says Henry.

The B-Hen Block Party tour continues throughout the Summer with dates in Washington D.C. (July 23), Chicago (August 20), New York (September 16) and more.