NBA Youngboy left a Los Angeles federal court on Friday with a case behind him. According to Rolling Stone, Youngboy celebrated in the courtroom when the not guilty verdict was read.

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Following the court date, Youngboy spoke to Rolling Stone, stating, “I’m feeling great. It’s a relief.”

Youngboy was charged with felony possession of a firearm after law enforcement recovered an FN FNX .45 caliber pistol from the Mercedes Maybach he rode in in March 2021. He was arrested on a warrant for a different gun case in Louisiana that is yet to be resolved.


Youngboy would go outside and celebrate with his fans before saluting his lead attorney James Manasseh. Youngboy’s full legal team included André Bélanger, Tanner Woods, Robby Gill, and Andrew Flier.

Prosecutors attempted to show Youngboy was guilty because he fled from the arrest scene and hid in a nearby backyard. They also presented records of the gun purchase by a close family friend and also brought up his rap lyrics.

You can see the full report of the court happenings here and scenes from the courtroom below.

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