If you like sexy-trap music, I encourage you to check out the brand-new track and music video for “Bandz” by the hip-hop artist Chelly Flame on Babygrande Records. You can also see the official music video for “Bandz” on YouTube. “Bandz” is without a doubt the new strip club anthem for 2022.

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The song begins with a trap rhythm and an enticing synth intro. Chelly Flame wastes little time and quickly astounds the listener with sheer brilliance and technique from the beginning of the song.

It is evident that this musician has real skill and can easily compete with known rap artists. I like the statement “I make you believe I desire you, then I abandon you; it’s an old trick of mine.”


The stanza beginning at around 40 seconds speaks for itself. If all we have is time, then tell me why you’re in such a hurry.

The verse is followed by a catchy chorus, and I can hear true force in Chelly Flames’s voice, but it’s also really simple to listen to and not overbearing.

Not only are the vocals fantastic, but the song’s tempo and melody are also wonderfully matched and truly make it sparkle. The mixing and mastering are flawless.

This song might easily get to the top of the charts. I can see millions of fans from all around the world loving this song. I like her technique when it comes to delivering lines over the music.

This song is catchy, simple to listen to, even on repeat, and her delivery of each phrase is impeccable. Everything flows extremely well. In addition, the official music video is also worthy of notice (see above). Each scenario in the music video is perfectly matched to the song and incorporates breathtaking drone shots, Chelly Flame in a variety of trendy clothes, and drone shots.

The mix of the video with this song makes for an enjoyable viewing experience. Jack Rottier, the director, and editor, also deserves credit. Drone videographer Kai Goh performed well on each shot.

For these reasons, I cannot urge you enough to check out Chelly Flame’s brand-new single “bands” and to follow her on social media! For additional information about Chelly, please visit the following link:


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