It common knowledge that at one point Suge Knight was one of the scariest and most intimidating figures in hip hop. However, after the decline of Death Row Records and possible involvement in the deaths of 2Pac and Biggie, Knight’s reputation started to dwindle as well, making him not welcome in many of the circles he had once been in.

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According to former G-Unit artist Bang ‘Em Smurf, Eminem was ready to fight Suge Knight while wearing a bulletproof vest at 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” video shoot. Smurf said during an IG live session that he had gotten a call from Sha Money XL saying that Suge was on the set even though did not formally announce that he would be there. He admitted that he was excited to meet Suge at first but due to beef between his crew and Suge’s crew, he was prepared to kill Suge if he needed to.

“Because I already knew if I blew Suge head off, I’m playing like I’m scared for my life, ’cause remember Suge had that image already, so I knew if I killed him I would’ve done like five years. That’s nothing and I would have been playing like I was scared for my life. This Suge Knight.,” Smurf explained. He woud later say “What’s poppin’?” to Suge.


Smurf went on to say how Eminem came out in a bulletproof vest in case he had to fight Suge. He says that neither 50 nor Dre was outside, so Eminem might have readied himself in order to protect 50 or Dre.

came back with the vest. Eminem was outside with them. Dre wasn’t outside. 50 wasn’t outside, but Eminem was outside. I guess they had to protect they breadwinner. Eminem put on his vest and ran back outside with us. Shout out to Eminem,” he said.

You can watch Smurf tell the story below.