Dame Dash still seems to have some ill will towards Jay Z, even almost 2 decades after their split. In a new interview, Dame revealed who he thought was the best rapper from Roc-A-Fella, and it wasn’t Jay-Z.

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The Roc-A-Fella co-founder recently appeared on the Podcast and Chill With Mac G podcast where he said that he thought Kanye was the greatest rapper to represent Roc-A-Fella. “If it’s a choice between Jay and Kanye, I’m going with Kanye all day every day,” Dame said.

When asked why Kanye, he said that Ye is a true artist and does it for the art whereas Jay-Z raps for money. “He’s more creative… Kanye is a true artist and he does it for the art and JAY-Z does it for the money. It’s two different things.”


Dame also recalled Kanye’s chaining day in Chicago in 2002. He said that Jay did not want to give Kanye his chain which is why Dame took his own chain off of his neck to give it to Kanye.

“That’s cus Jay wouldn’t take it off his,” he said. “If you look at it, I’m talking to Jay like, ‘Give him the chain.’ He supposed to give that shit back but I never got that back. I was gonna replace it but I never got to.”

In a different interview, Dame Dash spoke on the split between him and Hov and how he felt betrayed by Jay over money. “Yeah, all that, but we were friends,” he said. “Like, how would you feel if your brother just betrayed you for money? Would it hurt?”