In his latest video, “Run Through It,” Allstar JR separates himself from the crowd. JR sets the tone for his eagerly awaited album Organized Crime 2 with amazing lyrics, epic visuals, and a well-known sample. The Detroit-born MC has a flawless track record with his selections of production. Helluva, a multi-Platinum super producer, created his most recent song. Helluva would be Allstar JR’s Phil Jackson if he were trying to become the Michael Jordan of the rap game. The expert team makes sure they get the most out of one another on every project.

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“Run Through It” exemplifies everything that distinguishes JR. He takes great satisfaction in his ability to create music with a lot of repeat value, even though he can compete bar for bar with any rapper in the game. He carefully chooses the greatest samples to go with his contagious tone with the aid of his passion of music. The seasoned MC is spotted having fun with friends at his neighborhood petrol station. In his most recent short film, he uses humor to address opioid addiction, even if the image is a spoof.

He’s prepared to retake his reign on Organized Crime 2 after causing mayhem on Get A Bag Or Go Home 3. The Motor City legend’s musical vision has no boundaries. For the time being, Allstar JR keeps his devoted fan base satisfied with consistent music and top-notch graphics created by his crew at Get A Bag Film Group.