Fat Joe says the death of PnB Rock has changed the way that he experiences fame. Speaking with Janine Rubenstein on the PEOPLE Every Day podcast, Joey Crack revealed how he analyzes the death of the Philly rapper.

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“Every time a rapper is killed, it hurts me,” said Fat Joe, who added he’d met PnB Rock “a bunch” of times. “But that one really changed my life because they murdered the guy in a public restaurant in front of his [family]. If they do that, they’re willing to do anything. And it’s just so sad, man.”

PnB Rock was killed at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles on Sept. 12. Recent reports reveal a father-son robbery duo spotted the rapper, and the son shot him inside the restaurant while taking his jewelry. Those two, and another woman, were arrested and charged with the crime.


“That just touched me so much cuz I’m just like, imagine I was in that restaurant with my daughter just eating … it’s just traumatizing for the whole community,” Fat Joe said. “And it touched me in a different way and I’ve had friends murdered and everything. This last one, it was just like, it was just, all right, I get it. You don’t care. You don’t care. You’ll do it anywhere. Yeah. You know, and it, it is just so sad, man. He didn’t deserve to get murdered.”

Fat Joe would go on to advise spending money on security in order to protect yourself at all times. You can hear the full interview here.