Hip-hop artist Jeremiah Wrong is releasing a powerful new documentary entitled “After King 23” accompanied by his new single and video called “When You Are Down”, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The film explores where America is today, after Dr. King’s dream. It does so by interviewing people from all walks of life, as they share their lived experiences.

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Inspired by Master P and Tyler Perry, Wrong has an entrepreneurial spirit with noteworthy music to boot. Jeremiah Wrong wrote and directed the film prior to the tragic murder of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, KY, and the worldwide protest that followed directly after. The song “When You’re Down” (produced by BruteLife) will work in tandem with the film to further illustrate thoughts on where the country is and where it could go in next. The song was written as a result of seeing what Wrong describes as a loop of endless police shootings and the subsequent protest lead by the Black community, throughout The United States and more. With a haunting Aretha Franklin sample and church cords the song immediately grabs your attention. The single encourages, exhorts, uplifts, and it speaks to what many are going through right now in America.

Before the premiere of the documentary at the historical Lyric Theatre in Lexington, KY, excerpts from Jeremiah Wrong’s speech at the Kentucky State Capitol will be premiered. “After King 23” will examine the Black psyche in America. With a hope to start a dialogue after leaving the theater, and maybe even spark change. Mr. Whit Whitaker, the Executive Director of The Lyric Theater had much to say on the matter. “I am honored to have such an informative, educational documentary to make its Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center debut for the Lexington, KY community, specifically the historic East End community and its African American residents. Having done his due diligence, Mr. Wrong has certainly done all things right in creating, directing, and overseeing this passionate project which gives us insight to the incomparable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”


The “After King 23” showing will be a one day only event. January 15th 2023 at 3pm and 5:30pm. Based on the powerful movement Jeremiah has going and the quality of his latest single “When You Are Down” the world may be hearing a lot more from him soon.