19 Keys is a global thought leader who values high-level conversation, which often leads to the elevation of mind, body, and spirit for the Black community. With every step in progression, there is a foundation that cohesively works with the mindset to take action to effect the necessary change.

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19 Keys attributes that foundation to several things: his Muslim upbringing, his experienced life in the streets of Oakland, and being a student of multiple theologies. Keys utilizes his foundation, life experiences, and independent studies to develop his own “original perspective on life,” which he often shares.

“My greatest playground is my imagination,” he says. I keep it childlike, so I can stay creative. I don’t want to get to a rigid point, where I start thinking, ‘this is just the way it is.'”


Despite growing up in St. Louis, MO, and Oakland, CA, 19 Keys understood that his environment did not dictate his future.

“I’ve always been a global thinker, even when I was in a local situation, or on a local budget,” says Keys.

This global mindset has led 19 Keys to create one of the most coveted platforms with “High Level Conversations.” His book Paradigm Keys: Solution Based Mind Reprogramming, speaks to the shift in one’s subconscious habits to create better results. A paradigm is one’s collection of habits. He speaks to the current paradigm in Hip-Hop.

IMG 7675
IMG 7675

“In Hip-Hop culture right now, a lot of Black men are dying,” Keys explains. “We switch that paradigm with lyric reform. We reform to the thoughts we put out there. Therefore, it changes the frequency that is lived and reality that is instructed.”

He even credits Nas and 21 Savage for creating a new paradigm with their collaboration “One Mic, One Gun” back in Nov. 2022, following Savage’s comments on Nas’ relevance.

19 Keys’ existence is a paradigm shift. His “High Level Conversations” cover various topics that intentionally spread knowledge to enhance and influence the progressive habits of the Black community.

Last month he joined the Oasis investment group for their Rebuild Chicago Seminar.

In addition, he established BWO (Black World Order), the coaching component of his paradigm shift. Every week he coaches students on developing the intangible tools that’ll positively affect their tangible actions.

“Being apart of the BWO is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, your children and those around you,” says Keys.

19 Keys continues to walk in his purpose as a global thought leader for the advancement of the Black community.