Masego has dropped his new self-titled album via EQT Recordings and Capitol Records.

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The new album is his second, bringing a fusion of jazz, hip-hop, and R&B ahead of his upcoming worldwide You Never Visit Me Tour that launches on March 12.

“I’m very thankful of the journey. This went from a hobby to a job,” says Masego. “I was getting all the things that they say that you’re supposed to be fulfilled by and I wasn’t fulfilled by it. I had to do a re-evaluation of a lot of things. I said, ‘I can’t make this what I imagined it to be. So I cannot remain here. I need to move.’”


Masego teamed with Kelvin Wootan, Louie Lastic, Richie Souf, Monte Booker, WaveIQ and Rocaine for the album. You can tap into the full album and the video for the single “Two Sides (I’m So Gemini)” below.

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