Film & Television executive James Shin serves as the executive producer for FX’s hit series DAVE

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The series, which has become the network’s most-watched comedy series to date, follows the imagined, but eccentric day-to-day life of viral rapper Lil Dicky, also know as DAVE

Season 2 ended with DAVE’s VMA performance debut and the release of his debut album, despite its coinciding release date with Ariana Grande. While both are milestones for DAVE, Grande’s same-day release frustrates DAVE. He is later reminded of his success by his close friend and hype-man GaTa. 


According to executive producer James Shin, Season 3 will pick up exactly “where we left off” — on tour. 

“Dave is at a level now where he has achieved some success, but has broken up with his ex-girlfriend,” says Shin. “Now he’s in a reclamation process of what is important to him as he is in a constant pursuit of love. We’ll see that journey this season, while he is on tour.” 

Shin’s elusive role as EP is rooted in service. From facilitating the biggest names in entertainment for cameos, to putting out fires, a dull moment is few and far between. 

“It’s about letting Dave and the writers run rampant with their ideas because there is an inherent trust there,” says Shin. 

Dave has been nominated for a Writers Guild of America Award and an Art Directors Guild Awards. While the nods speak for itself , accolades are no primary concern for Shine. Instead, the most rewarding aspect lies within a show’s impact on the public. 

“Just to even hear a few fans say how much an episode impacted them is rewarding,” Shin says. 

With a mission to involve SB Projects with film and television projects that are organically diverse, Shin is adamant in executing his objective. Dave is one prime example.

Season 3 of Dave premieres on April 5.

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