Footage from a shooting at Yo Gotti’s restaurant in Memphis shows a brawl broke out before gunfire left two dead and injured five more.

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In a video obtained by TMZ, a man in a blue hoodie can be seen at the center of an issue brawling, a drink goes flying, another man slips, a woman uses her crutches as a weapon, and all types of chaos breaks out. The incident spills into the parking lot where a man, seemingly the same one from inside the club, pulls a gun and begins to shoot in the parking lot. Before the man in blue shoots, one man is already down on the ground.

Yo Gotti was nowhere near the scene at the time.


Two people have been killed and an additional five injured on Wednesday at a shooting at Prive Restaurant in Memphis. Yo Gotti owns the restaurant.

Local police state one man was pronounced dead at the scene, with another dying after being transported to Regional One Hospital.

According to ABC 24, three additional men and one woman were shot and were transported to the hospital in personal cars.

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