On this day in Hip Hop history, famed rap duo Gang Starr released their first compilation album, Full Clip: Decade of Gang Starr.

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Dropping a year after the duo’s most popular album, Moment of Truth, this compilation album contained some of the group’s biggest singles stemming from their prolific 10-year career.

It’s common knowledge Gang Starr had one of the longest successful careers in Hip Hop, and this double LP greatest hits compilation is proof of their longevity. Only after the passing of 2Pac had there been a greatest hits compilation spanning two discs. This project’s sheer volume and quality perfectly describe the ability of one of rap’s most underrated tandems. Commercially, the project did fairly well, peaking at #33 on the Billboard 200 chart and appearing on music charts in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Sweden. The album was certified gold in the year of its release and continues to sell copies across the globe. Following this release, the group went on to take a four-year hiatus before putting out their final LP The Ownerz in 2003.