On the most recent episode of DJ Whoo Kid’s “Whoo’s House” podcast, West Coast rap legend Ice Cube talked about the evolution of his BIG3 basketball league as well as the growth of the career of the rapper/actor. Cube also spoke about a list of the “most unforgettable diss tracks in Hip Hop history”, in which Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” took the pole position and his epic “No Vaseline” track aimed at N.W.A. was placed at a modest third.

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Cube reaction to ‘Pac beating him on the list? “How’s 2Pac number one when he needed help on that record?” before saying, “Me, ‘No Vaseline,’ one MC.” When Nas’ “Ether trck was mentioned, Cube said, “I love Nas but it’s not. Took out four n***as and the manager. I mean, damn! Got to give me credit for that.” He added, “[The] group was over. I don’t know if they made another record after that. So, nah man. Sorry!”

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