Khalifa Kush, the premier cannabis lifestyle brand founded by multi-platinum-selling artist Wiz Khalifa, is excited to announce its long-awaited collaboration with iconic clothing brand Camp High. This partnership, bridging the worlds of fashion and cannabis, is set to launch on October 20, 2023, at 11 AM PST.

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Wiz Khalifa has enthusiastically supported Camp High’s clothing, showcasing his love for the brand during LA workouts and global tours. Khalifa Kush and Camp High have naturally cultivated a friendship and creative synergy by sharing a common passion for creativity, self-expression, and pushing boundaries. The highly anticipated collaboration will debut during LA Fashion Week (October 19-22, 2023).

The Khalifa Kush x Camp High collection reflects both brands’ aesthetics, fusing the essence of cannabis culture with high-end streetwear fashion. The distinctive “smoke camo” dye pattern is featured on a sweatsuit (sweatshirt and sweat shorts), a limited edition T-shirt, and a hand-knitted beanie, embodying the spirit of self-expression that both Khalifa Kush and Camp High represent.


Wiz Khalifa, commenting on the collaboration, said, “I’ve been wearing Camp High for years and I’m excited we were able to bring the brands together to make something super cool like these smokey sweats.”

Camp High’s founder, Greg Dacyshyn, added, “This “smoke Camo” is an artisanal technique that we had been working on…It’s so unique and was an obvious fit for this special project. Wiz has been such an amazing supporter of Camp High since day one..we think of him as one of our “OC’s”. Original Counselors.  To work on this on this first project with the KK team has been such a chill yet euphoric experience. Exactly like the feeling you get from the Kush itself.”

The Khalifa Kush and Camp High Collaboration will be available on Khalifa Kush’s website on Friday, October 20th at 11 AM PST.

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