French Montana was boarding his jet to leave Colombia, but the takeoff was halted as the plane was searched for drugs. The search resulted in no items found, and the rapper could continue his trip.

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Hitting Instagram, French spoke on the moment: “Colombia, I love y’all, but y’all ain’t have to do me like this. You know we Coke Boys, but we ain’t Coke Boys for that.”

Last month, French Montana connected with Lola Brooke for her latest hit, “Pit Stop,” released through Team Eighty Productions/Arista Records.


This bass-heavy release packs an unruly club-banging punch as Lola and French take center stage with energetic bars and charismatic rawness. The official music video, released alongside the new song, vividly captures the dynamic essence of “Pit Stop,” showcasing the vibrant spirit of New York’s boroughs with style and ferocity.

Lola Brooke’s collaboration with French Montana promises to be a blockbuster hit, drawing on the talents of these two exceptional artists. “Pit Stop” is set to make waves in the music scene and add another accolade to their already impressive careers. Fans can now experience the track and its accompanying music video, a testament to the power and diversity of the New York music scene.