Romeo Miller has been in the limelight since he was a child, exploding onto the scene with his debut single “My Baby” when he was just 12 years old. Fast forward to 2023, he uses his platform to inspire, motivate, and give back to the masses.

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Last week during the Future Stars Charity Gala, the 34-year-old was honored with the Community Impact Award alongside Blac Chyna and Don Benjamin. The formal attire/black tie event served as a fundraiser raise money for underprivileged kids in the community who can’t afford basketball clinics or camps.

Eszylfie Taylor, owner and founder of the Future Stars Basketball Camp, introduces Romeo by stating he’s “a multi-faceted star within film, television, music, sports, and philanthropy. As a highly-paid actor, artist and entrepreneur, he’s a devoted father of two beautiful little girls, girl dad! Early in his career, this individual broke Michael Jackson’s record for being the youngest artist to win a Billboard Artist and Single of the Year awards. Despite the successes, he’s a devout Christian, philanthropist, and recognized as a National Ambassador for MLK Commission. His community work has helped raise millions in funding towards elevating youth in their communities. It was an honor to present this Community Impact Award to Romeo Miller.”


Romeo Miller then took the time to deliver a heartfelt speech, upon receiving his award.

“Simply in the Bible, in Mark 9:23, it says that if you believe that anything truly is possible. I feel that’s what my career has been, starting at the age of 10 years old and having so much success. They say to master a craft or be a pro at something, you need to have at least 10,000 hours. Already right now, I already have 150,000 hours of mastering my craft. I want to thank you for honoring me because a lot of people usually don’t see that hard work, what it takes to have a career over 20 plus years of success and positivity before the age of 30.”

Romeo then delivers a message for the youth: “basketball and any sport is the game of life. It’s the blueprint of life. We got anybody who went to USC? Are there any Trojans? There we go. I won a college championship, a PAC-10 championship with DeMar DeRozan. I always tell the kids: that sport — that basketball, that football, that golf ball, that tennis ball, that represents your dream. However much work you put into it, that’s what you’re gonna get out of it. Your coach represents your parents. Whether you have a good one or a bad one, you’re gonna have to learn how to navigate the cards you were dealt.” 

“Those fans: you might have fans that cheer for you, fans that cheer against you,” Romeo continues. “They have no effect on your goal unless you let them. That’s why it’s so important, camps like this, Future Stars because basketball is the game of life. And I give so much of my success, so much of my mental strength of playing the great game of basketball.” 

Romeo prides himself in being a prime example. 

“I have a new car company called Trion,” he states. “We want to make kids know they could do anything. You can be in the automotive system, you could be an astronaut. We’re using this to help kids be inspired. I want to thank all y’all beautiful people for coming out here, because this is how we make the change. This is how we make a difference. I want to dedicate this award to my late great, beautiful little sister in heaven, Tatiana Miller. Everything I do is for you now.” 

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