Darius Jackson, Keke Palmer’s ex-boyfriend, is firing back at domestic violence allegations made last week.

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TMZ notes Jackson denies the domestic violence while also stating Keke Palmer’s mom, Sharon, threatened his life. According to Jackson, Sharon stated she would put “a bullet in [his] head.”

Also released are text messages between Jackson and Palmer’s mothers. Jackson’s mother is addressing the alleged threat, while Palmer states Darius showed a violent history and once choked his sister.


You can hear the threat and see the texts below.

Fallout from Keke Palmer’s accusations of domestic abuse against her ex-partner Darius Jackson continues. According to PEOPLE, Palmer has been granted temporary sole physical and legal custody.

According to PEOPLE, Palmer had desired an amicable split.

“She gave him a lot of chances to do the right thing,” a source detailed. “Keke tried so hard to have an amicable split and arrangement [custody]. She needed to prioritize her safety and the safety of her baby. She wants the best for Leo. She did not want it to get to this point. But she did what she had to do.”

An additional hearing is set for Dec. 5.

Keke Palmer has filed for permanent full custody of her 8-month-old son with Darius Jackson, Leodis. Additionally, Palmer has agreed to pay “reasonable expenses of pregnancy and birth” but asks each person to care for their attorneys.

The court can “make orders” for child support and “issue an earnings assignment without further notice to either party.”

According to PageSix, Palmer denied the option of joint custody and also filed a restraining order against Jackson. The order cites physical and emotional abuse. The documents also state “many instances of physical violence,” claiming Jackson has destroyed personal property, tossed Palmer’s items into the street, and tossed her car keys to prevent her from leaving.

Jackson is also accused of hitting Palmer in front of their son, threatening suicide if she left him, harassment, and “other physical and emotional abuse.”

Palmer and Jackson officially split last month, but Palmer states she has security footage as recent as Nov. 5 showing Jackson trespassing at her home. Jackson is stated to have “threatened [her], then physically attacked [her] — lunging for [her] neck, striking [her], throwing [her] over the couch and stealing [her] phone when [she] told him [she] was going to call the police.”

Palmer stated the relationship officially wrapped in early October due to “physical and emotional abuse inflicted on [her] by [him] throughout [their] relationship.”

“It is because of our son, Leo, that I was finally able to end my relationship with Darius once and for all and escape the abuse,” Palmer wrote. “Leo is the most important thing in the entire world to me; he needs and deserves to be safe and grow up in an environment free from violence.”

Palmer stated her leaving Jackson has escalated the attacks, citing his actions as “more unhinged, volatile and dangerous.”

Keke Palmer also released images from her security camera showing Jackson engaged in attacking her.

Following the developments, Jackson tweeted an image with his son, captioning: “I love you, son. See you soon.”