A Joe Budden return to music is in the future. Speaking on the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the rapper-turned-broadcaster revealed he hit up iconic producer Just Blaze for a beat.

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“I called Just Blaze the other day,” Budden said. “I’m done talking about these rappers. Imma do it myself. I’ll do it myself. Imma listen to what Just Blaze has in there that might make somebody wanna rap.”

Joe Budden calmed fan anticipation by stating he has a “real job” and would get around to it, but it will carry a nice price tag.


“I’m laying a 15-minute record for sale for $20,” Budden said. “Might be an EP but you get this first track for $20. Whenever that is I don’t want to hype fans up to think that’s coming soon. Me and Just Blaze have real jobs.”