Yo Gotti is expanding his horizons with a business course at UCLA Anderson School of Management. Gotti has enrolled in the “Corporate Valuation” course, which focuses on analytical tools for valuing various entities, including corporations, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, private firms, and debt.

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Taught by Professor Lori Santikian, the weekly course equips students, including Gotti, with methodological tools to explore the impact of real options on investment decisions and how to identify and value them. By the course’s end, participants will be adept at producing comprehensive equity valuations based on qualitative strategic and quantitative financial analyses.

UCLA Anderson School of Management, recognized in the Top 20 of U.S. News & World Report’s Best Business Schools for 2023-2024, provides a robust academic environment for Gotti’s educational pursuit.


This academic endeavor reflects Gotti’s commitment to entrepreneurial excellence, complementing his role in building CMG into a leading record label and entertainment organization. As the co-owner of D.C. United in Major League Soccer, Gotti is part of an esteemed ownership group, showcasing his diverse investments in real estate, esports, upscale dining, and more. Gotti’s foray into business studies aligns seamlessly with his dynamic and multifaceted career.

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Yo Gotti at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management