Four years after rapper Cardi B faced a lawsuit from a security guard at her OBGYN’s office, the legal battle continues as Cardi pushes for the dismissal of multiple claims before the upcoming trial.

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Cardi B is actively seeking the dismissal of the claims of false imprisonment and violating the Bane Act in the lawsuit filed by security guard Emani Ellis. The Bane Act, a California law, prohibits the use of force or threats of violence to interfere with a person’s constitutional rights.

As reported by Radar Online, Ellis initially sued Cardi B, alleging that she was physically assaulted after requesting a photo with the rapper. Ellis claimed that Cardi used racial slurs and profanities during the incident, leading to her termination from her job. Cardi vehemently denied all allegations.


In the recent motion, Cardi’s legal team argued for the dismissal of the false imprisonment claim, citing that it was filed past the statute of limitations. According to Cardi, the claim should have been brought within one year of the alleged incident in February 2018, but Ellis filed the lawsuit in February 2020.

The second claim Cardi seeks to dismiss revolves around Ellis alleging that Cardi interfered with her constitutional right to engage in legitimate employment. Cardi’s lawyer countered that Ellis failed to demonstrate how Cardi, as an entertainment celebrity and not a state actor, could legally violate any constitutional rights.

As the trial is set to commence on February 1, Cardi B has also previously requested the court to exclude testimony about her net worth as evidence and to prevent any mention of past altercations with third parties during the proceedings.


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