Whoopi Goldberg wants the Internet to leave her name out of rumors of being a client of Jeffrey Epstein. Speaking on The View, Goldberg attempted to clear her name.

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“I’m just gonna say, there’s been a lot of stuff recently,” Goldberg said. “I don’t know what I’ve done to anybody, but apparently there are a lot of these kind of sites that are satire sites. But people don’t realize that they can be harmful, so let me just get my part out. I have to explain, because there was a fake list, and I’m on it.

“Apparently. I don’t know. they said I was on the island, and I’m like, ‘I don’t go anywhere!’”


You can see it below.

The long-promised release of the Jeffrey Epstein documents occurred on Wednesday. According to CNN, this is the first set of docs to be released, which will have a total of 200 names of people who interacted with the deceased sex trafficker.

The documents are expected to list nearly 200 names, including accusers, businesspeople, politicians, and more.

The initial documents did not bring shock, but records showed Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Michael Jackson had interactions with Epstein, according to The Blast. Clinton was stated to have dinner with a woman on Epstein’s island. A woman stated she met The King of Pope at Epstein’s home in Palm Beach.

Insider the document is a deposition from Joanna Sjoberg, who stated she was touched by Prince Andrew on her breast while taking photos, and she also was told Clinton “likes them young, referring to girls.”

Clinton’s spokesman confirmed a visit in 2019 but was unaware of “terrible crimes.” Representatives for Prince Andrew have not made a statement.