Recording artist Jhene Aiko finds herself entangled in legal proceedings as she faces a lawsuit filed by a motorist who claims the singer rear-ended them at a traffic light in Encino, California. The lawsuit, brought forward by Genelle Ligot, alleges negligence on Aiko’s part for the incident that occurred in July 2022.

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According to reports from The Blast, legal documents reveal the details of Ligot’s claims against Aiko. Ligot asserts that while she was stopped at a traffic light at the corner of Ventura Boulevard and Hayvenhurst Avenue in Encino, Aiko’s vehicle collided with hers from behind. The lawsuit states that Ligot suffered injuries to her health, strength, and activity as a result of the accident.

Ligot’s legal filing outlines a range of damages she claims to have incurred due to the accident, including wage loss, loss of property use, hospital and medical expenses, general damage, property damage, and loss of earning capacity. Seeking compensation for these damages, Ligot is pursuing legal action against Aiko and is demanding a jury trial to address the matter.


The lawsuit underscores Ligot’s contention that Aiko’s alleged negligence while operating her motor vehicle led to the injuries sustained during the collision. By initiating legal proceedings, Ligot aims to hold Aiko accountable for the consequences of the accident and seeks restitution for the damages incurred.

As the legal process unfolds, both parties will navigate the complexities of the case, with Ligot pursuing justice for the injuries she claims to have suffered, and Aiko facing the legal repercussions of the alleged car accident.