Paramount’s highly anticipated Bob Marley biopic, One Love, has made waves in its opening week, raking in an impressive $80 million globally. The film, which brings to life the legendary reggae icon’s journey and music, has resonated deeply with audiences worldwide, surpassing box office expectations and solidifying its place as a cultural phenomenon.

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According to reports from Deadline, Bob Marley: One Love has garnered an estimated $80 million in its debut week, with $29 million of that total coming from international box office sales. Despite early skepticism from critics, audiences have embraced the film’s portrayal of Bob Marley’s life and legacy, coming together to celebrate his music and enduring influence.

The success of One Love underscores the universal appeal of Bob Marley’s music and message, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries to unite audiences around the world. Through powerful storytelling and captivating performances, the film captures the essence of Marley’s spirit and the impact of his music on generations of fans.


In conjunction with the film’s release, The Source Magazine’ Courtney Brown conducted an exclusive interview with Ziggy Marley, the executive producer of ‘One Love’ and son of Bob Marley. In this insightful conversation, Ziggy Marley offers behind-the-scenes insights into the making of the film and reflects on his father’s enduring legacy.

As the film continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, it serves as a powerful tribute to Marley’s legacy and a celebration of his timeless music. ‘Bob Marley: One Love’ is now playing in theaters, offering audiences a chance to experience the life, music, and legacy of one of music’s most iconic figures. As the film’s box office success continues to soar, it reinforces the enduring impact of Bob Marley’s music and the universal message of love, unity, and social justice that he championed throughout his life.

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