Cardi B might be one of our generation’s most prominent female artists, but she’s also one of the realist.

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Most recently, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper dropped her newest single and video, “Enough,” which also means doing select interviews to promote the new release. Over the weekend, Cardi B’s interview with Million Dollaz Worth of Game was released, this time shot outdoors rather than inside in the typical studio.

During the conversation, Cardi B was asked who was on her wishlist to do a song with. She revealed she’d love to collaborate with fellow female GOAT recording artist Rihanna, but she also reveals why she won’t ever ask.


Cardi B states, “I love Rihanna’s music, but I don’t do music like that. I sound kinda stupid trying to sing like that, trying sound like that. So if I ever get that perfect record, I can not wait until I feel like, ‘This song… I know she’s going to like it.’ Because I don’t want to send her nothing like, ‘Ho, what the fuck is this shit? Take this thing out of my face.’”

She goes on to reveal that she’s always wanted to do a song with Shakira, which landed in her lap. The song is slated to come out next week.

Watch the interview below:

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