Bronx-raised rap icon Fat Joe just had a high-level meeting this past Friday with the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris! As TMZ reported, Joe “led a panel regarding criminal justice reform featuring Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear and White House Director of the Office of Public Engagement Steve Benjamin,” where he expressed ideas and solutions for important issues in the country.

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This seemed more than a photo op. Fat Joe met with VP Harris and spearheaded the conversation with other advocates of criminal justice reform, not to mention a few recipients of marijuana-related pardons. Joe had the Vice President’s audience for about an hour, and he reportedly contributed personal anecdotes from the pardoned in attendance.

TMZ was told Fat Joe expressed gratitude for how his Hip-Hop journey paved the way for a close relationship with the Veep, whom he met through Power To The Patients, his healthcare reform group. Did you know he had that? Joe has been busy in the public reform arena!


Now get this: the report also said Fat Joe could have a private chat with Kamala, and the two dished on transparency regarding healthcare prices and other issues that matter to Joe.

ICYMI, Joe also rapped with President Joe Biden, himself after the State of the Union address, which implies Joe was at the address. Both political parties were clamoring for Joe’s attention trying to score autographs and snap pics. Rightfully so, because Joe has been working the world of politics and advocacy like no other in the world of Hip-Hop, maybe he’s on to something.