Culture critic and online agitator Charleston White has claimed that Boosie Badazz threatened his life and has reportedly made this claim to federal authorities.

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White made the allegation on IG, posting a video saying, “So Lil Boosie making threats? I’ve already contacted law enforcement concerning these possible threats against my life.” While White offered no proof of the interaction, he also posted screenshots of text messages where he claimed he had witnesses to Boosie allegedly threatening his life.

“Boosie Imma put your motherfucking ass in jail n-gga,” White also said in a video. “You making threats to the promoter. I got a recorded phone conversation with witnesses on the phone saying the promoter is scared for his life and he gotta live in Baton Rouge, that Boosie gonna send them people to get you.”


He added, “I’m waiting for the FBI to send me the right kinda number n-gga cause I’m finna make a report on your motherfucking ass. The man called your name specifically. The promoter specifically said your motherfucking name Lil Boosie, he implemented you and implicated you. Bitch ass n-gga you finna go back to jail. You gonna on yo knee, them knees finna be bleeding again, diabetic freak.”

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