Jim Jones will not face charges in connection to the viral brawl video from Ft. Lauderdale airport.

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TMZ received the police report, revealing Jones announced the altercation started on the plane. As Jones got his stuff from the overhead compartment before the plane hit a complete stop, the passenger, James Dos Santos, confronted Jones and pushed him in the chest. Jones said he yanked Dos Santos’ arm and gave a warning.

Another man, Alexander Lekht, screamed at Jones from a different seat. Law enforcement asked Jones if he wanted to report the incident, he declined and went to baggage claim. Lekht followed and jumped at Jones on the escalator, eventually leading to wild punches and Jones sliding the man down the escalator.


Lekht was transported to the hospital with his bloody injuries. Jones had a small facial bruise.

Ultimately, officers backed Jones’ claim of self defense and no one will press charges.

Jim Jones delivered a brief message following a brawl with two men at the Ft. Lauderdale airport.

Jones stated in a statement released to TMZ, “I was minding my business and defended myself. They got what they were looking for.”

In the cell phone video, Jones was riding an escalator to baggage claim when two men jumped him. Jones handled both without even taking off a bag, tossing them down the escalator and calmly explaining himself to law enforcement, who arrived.

You can see the moment below.

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