Social media has recently witnessed a public dispute between Brian McKnight’s son, Niko McKnight, and now singer Tyrese, over the delicate matter of family ties. The altercation unfolded on social media when Tyrese decided to insert himself in Brian McKnights’s family matters.

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Niko McKnight took to his Instagram Stories to address Tyrese’s defense of Brian McKnight’s estranged relationship with his eldest biological children. In a direct jab at Tyrese, Niko revealed their shared past, highlighting the close-knit bond of the 90s R&B brotherhood. “Tyrese used to sleep under our pool table when I was a kid,” Niko wrote. “I know the 90s RnB brotherhood blood is thicker than anything you should sit this one out champ.”

Further escalating the conflict, Niko urged Tyrese to focus on reconciling his own relationship with his daughter, Shayla, suggesting that family should always come first. He expressed disdain for what he perceived as Tyrese’s interference, asserting that true men prioritize family above all else. Niko’s words were obviously combination of frustration and disappointment, fueled by his own battle with cancer and his desire to mend familial bonds.

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The rift between Brian McKnight and his eldest biological children has been a subject of controversy, with the singer facing criticism for publicly disowning them in favor of his stepchildren and newborn son. Brian’s actions have sparked outrage and condemnation, especially in light of his recent claims that his ex-wife, Julie, hindered him from supporting Niko during his cancer battle.

In response to the ongoing drama, Tyrese came to Brian’s defense, emphasizing that the intricacies of family dynamics are often misunderstood by outsiders. He argued against the notion of condemning parents for strained relationships with their adult children, citing the complexities and challenges that can arise over time.

Despite Tyrese’s attempt to mediate the situation, tensions continue to simmer, it remains to be seen whether reconciliation will happen between McKnight and his family.