On Wednesday night, Indiana Pacers legend Reggie Miller will enter Madison Square Garden for Game 2 of the team’s second-round playoff series against the New York Knicks.

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As you may not know, he is not merely a spectator but a longtime member of TNT’s broadcast team. Miller has not been officially assigned to this series. TNT enlisted him for this pivotal game to add to the drama, of course, and also due to the match coincidentally falling on the 29th anniversary of his legendary “8 points, 9 seconds” performance during the 1995 playoffs. Talk about full circle. 

In an interview with Dan Patrick on Monday, Miller shared his enthusiasm for the event while playfully teasing Knicks fans. “Just know, the Boogeyman is coming back to town to call the game,” he declared with a grin. “I am coming.” Oh, it sounds like he’s ready.


Miller’s NBA Hall of Fame career is deeply intertwined with the intense Knicks-Pacers rivalry of the 1990s, marked by unforgettable moments such as his “choking” gesture aimed at New York super fan Spike Lee during the 1994 playoffs. Miller has been revered as a “Knicks Killer,” who left an undeniable imprint on the franchise with his iconic performances.

Anticipating the notoriously hostile atmosphere at MSG, Miller expressed his expectation of a lively reception from the crowd. He confessed to Patrick that he would be somewhat disappointed if the Knicks faithful didn’t direct their trademark chants and colorful language his way during the game. “I’m sure I’ll hear the chants, I’m sure I’ll hear all those naughty words,” Miller quipped. “I’m good with that, but I’m there to do a job, to call a game. I’m sure this will be a great series. I will be surprised during the game if I don’t hear, ‘Reggie sucks.’

Miller addressed his relationship with Spike Lee and acknowledged their forever-intertwined legacies, emphasizing that they have since moved past their contentious player-fan courtside moments.

“While we’ll be forever linked,” Miller noted, “we have put a lot of our baggage under the bridge.” That part.