SOURCE SPORTS: Magic Johnson Joins Billionaire Athlete List

Magic Johnson Joins Cameo's Board of Directors and Talent Roster

Add Magic Johnson to Billionaire’s Row. The NBA Hall of Famer and elite businessman has become the fourth athlete to become a billionaire, according to Forbes. Magic Johnson’s net worth is projected at $1.2 billion. Visit for more information Magic’s net worth comprises his portfolio of sports team ownership, including the Los Angeles Dodgers, […]

SOURCE SPORTS: LeBron James Leads Earnings On The Court & On The Big Screen

LeBron James and YouTube Partnering on New Docuseries "Best Shot"

The ongoing debate on who had the better playing career between LeBron James and Micheal Jordan may never end, but one thing that isn’t debatable is who had the better financial playing career.  Visit for more information According to the Sportico, LeBron has earned $330 million in playing salary since getting drafted in 2003. […]

LeBron James Becomes NBA’s First Active Billionaire Player

LeBron James Davis

Enters LeBron James into the billionaire club. LeBron James, one of the best basketball players of all time, is officially the first player to earn a billion dollars while actively still playing. Visit for more information In his playing career, LeBron James has earned $330 million during his career, revealing a whopping additional $700 […]

Kanye West is the Highest-Paid Musician in the World

Kanye West Says He Wants Adidas to Let Him Wear Air Jordans

It’s official! Kanye West is now the highest-paid musician in the world. On Thursday, Forbes made the announcement in the 2020 edition of its annual Celebrity 100 list. Visit for more information However, its a family affair with sister-in-law Kylie Jenner just ahead of him. West brought in earnings of $170 million in 2020 […]

Kanye West Reaches Billionaire Status Due to Yeezy Sneaker Brand

Kanye West and a Couple Famous Friends Hit a Chick-Fil-A in Georgia

According to Forbes, Hip-Hop mogul Kanye West’s bank account now has officially nine zeros. Visit for more information The iconic fashion designer, producer, and rapper provided documentation to the financial publication that proved his status that “confirm, based on our estimates, that his stake in Yeezy indeed makes him a billionaire. A bit over $1 billion, […]

According To Forbes, JAY-Z is Officially Hip-Hop’s First Billionaire

JAY ZtoBring'B Sides'ConcerttoWebsterHallforVenueReopening

JAY-Z now holds the title of being Hip-Hop’s first billionaire. Visit for more information A new report from Forbes details Mr. Carter’s fortune, detailing he has risen to the top of the money ladder by investing in real estate, companies, art, liquor, and his successful music career. Forbes details business moves from HOV to […]

Paris Hilton Says She’s Also Self-Made

Paris Hilton Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Paris Hilton, whose successful granddad began the comprehensively perceived Hilton lodgings – says she’s additionally independent. Visit for more information Paris landed at LAX throughout the end of the week and gave her interpretation of Kylie Jenner after Forbes said she’s set to end up America’s most youthful independent billionaire. Paris paid the youthful […]

Kylie Jenner is on Track to Becoming the Youngest Billionaire

Kylie Jenner is on Track to Becoming the Youngest Billionaire

Kylie Jenner is on her way to becoming the youngest “self made” (as per Forbes) billionaire in history. Visit for more information The reality star amassed $630 million in sales within three years through her cosmetic line which she completely owns. The magazine predicts that Kylie’s net worth will most likely reach $1 billion […]

Kevin Hart Gives Tipsy Motivational Speech At Vegas B-Day Bash

When Kevin Hart has something to say, especially oon his birthday, you can guarantee it’s going to be funny. Visit for more information Hart was at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas for his 39th birthday party, and got a hold of the microphone to speak to the capacity crowd and “give you all a […]

Air Force Halts $24 Million Dollar Refrigerator Request for Air Force One


President Trump takes us back to the days of MTV Cribs with a 24 million dollar refrigerator request. Visit for more information Air Force One, the President’s home away from home is a serious piece of tech. Its circuitry is hardened against EMP’s, can refuel in mid-air, and acts as the President’s Mobile Command Center […]

Byron Allen Adds The Weather Channel To Growing Media Empire

Byron Allen Net Worth House Cars Revealed

Comedian Byron Allen will be laughing all the way to the bank with his recent purchase of The Weather Channel. Visit for more information Byron Allen Folks’ media company Entertainment Studios, purchased The Weather Channel for $300 Million this week. The move adds a trusted brand in news/weather to his vastly growing media empire. […]