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Why New Jersey Should Mean Something To The Black Vote in 2018

New Jersey is what people call a “purple state.” At any given time it could be “red” meaning that its politics are leaning toward the republican right or it could be “blue,” taking sides with the liberal democratic left. History has watched NJ’s governmental ping-pong for years, understanding that each wave mirrors the economic and […]

New Poll: Trump Supporters Think Blacks Are Less Intelligent, More Lazy and Violent Than Whites

According to a new Quinnipiac poll released Wedmesday [June 29, 2016], Donald Trump is losing the Black vote to Hillary Clinton 91 to 1 percent. Conducted between March and June, the poll surveyed a total of 16,000 Americans, with supporters split between presumptive GOP nominee Trump, presumptive Democratic nominee Clinton, her persevering rival Bernie Sanders, along with […]

The Sanders-Clinton Gap Continues to Narrow in South Carolina

Bernie Sanders is being outfitted with a following of Black supporters, activists, and leaders getting stronger and stronger with each passing second. It was no more than 10 days ago that Hillary Clinton revealed a $125 billion plan to counter systemic racism and support poor, minority communities while speaking in Harlem. A shrewd and timely maneuver by the former Secretary of […]

Why the Black Vote Really Matters in 2016

Sunday [February 21, 2016], Bernie Sanders traveled to West Columbia, South Carolina as he joined some 300 patrons of a historically Black Baptist church during a post-service dinner. The stop was his first since losing the vote to Hillary Clinton in Nevada, and the first among many before voters in South Carolina take to the […]