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Texas Governor Greg Abbott Praises State Troopers For Keeping Haitian Migrants From Crossing The Border

Governor Greg Abbot Haitians Seek Asylum Rio Grande River Texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is praising state troopers for erecting a temporary barrier to keep people from crossing the Mexican border. Visit for more information The Republican governor told reporters today DPS and the Texas National Guard lined an area near Del Rio with vehicles, essentially sealing it from entry. Abbott says that “steel […]

Nicki Minaj Sympathizes With Children Separated From Parents at Mexico Border

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The latest shocking move from the Trump administration was their zero-tolerance policy in regards to immigrants at the Mexican border. The result of the policy has separated families and isolated children into facilities away from parents. Many have had strong reactions and unfavorable sentiments toward the administration’s decision such as Rachel Maddow who attempted to […]