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Chelsea Handler Says 50 Cent Will be Voting for Joe Biden

50 Cent Reacts to Surgeon Who Saved His Life After He Was Shot Pleading Guilty to Health Care Fraud

Trump supporters will be upset to hear that 50 Cent has come to his senses. Originally, the New York rapper endorsed Donald Trump for the upcoming election after hearing of Biden’s tax proposal to increase taxes for those who make over $400,000. Visit for more information Fif said that he didn’t want to turn […]

Chelsea Handler’s New App Offers Escape From Awkward Situations

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Imagine the horror of showing up to a blind date only to be catfished, or cornered at a work function? Visit for more information Traditionally you would rely on your friends, banking that they come through with that emergency call or text, aiding in your somewhat guilt-free getaway. However, let’s be honest. It has […]

The 15 New Netflix Original Series to Be on The Look Out For in 2016


We’ve given you a rundown of the new titles to expect from Netflix this month — but what can we expect from the streaming service this year? According to CBS News Netflix will roll out 15 new original series in addition to new seasons of series we already know and love. Visit for more information […]