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Hospital Hits XXXTentacion’s Estate With A 10K Bill; Proves Artists With No Health Care Just As Vulnerable As Uninsured Fans In The Projects

XXXTentacion's Mother Files Defamation Lawsuit Against his Half Sister for Saying his Murder Was an Inside Job

XXXTentacion’s death came as a sudden surprise to his poor mother. Visit for more information And while she continues to deal with her emotions around her son’s death, the highs and lows that come with his unfortunate passing and the problems are the estates are dropping in her lap. According to The Blast, the […]

Hood Health 101: Lil Boosie Should Make You Reconsider Health Insurance

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Insurance is just one of those things. We struggle with justifying with paying monthly for something that we aren’t seeing a monthly return from. Many of us also just struggle with adding another bill to our monthly expenses. You start to think, “Hey I’m a safe driver” or “I ain’t sick right now.” When reality […]