[WATCH] NYPD Officers Caught Smoking Hookah Out of Patrol Car

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In a highly circulated and now-viral video, two female NYPD officers are recorded smoking out of a hookah pipe that was in their marked patrol car. As demands to defund the police and specifically the NYPD intensify, this video further solidifies the reasoning. Mayor DeBlasio announced a $1 billion cut in the 2020-21 fiscal year, […]

[WATCH] NYC Protester Taken Away in Unmarked Vehicle By NYPD

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As protests continue around the country in an attempt to bring attention to the police brutality and additional issues in America, the NYPD has been reportedly using tactics to slow the momentum of the demonstrations, but their strategies are teetering on its legality. What some are labeling as kidnapping, police officers in NYC have been […]

NYPD to Disband Plain Clothes Anti Crime Unit

NYPD to Disband Plain Clothes Anti Crime Unit

The New York City Police Department is disbanding the anti-crime units: plainclothes teams that are tasked at seeking out violent crimes, The New York Times reports. That unit is notable for newsworthy police shootings and has over 600 officers in the unit throughout 77 precincts. Those officers will be reassigned into the detective bureau and […]

2 NYPD Officers Shot, 1 Stabbed in Brooklyn

NYPD to Disband Plain Clothes Anti Crime Unit

There’s absolutely no reason for Flatbush to be looted, but the NYPD wanted to take precautionary measures anyway. During their patrol, two officers were shot and one was stabbed. Around 11:45 pm a man allegedly walked up to the officers and stabbed him on the left side of his neck with a knife. Police allege […]

[LISTEN] NYPD Orders to Officers About Brooklyn Protesters: ‘Shoot Those Motherf**kers’

NYPD Run Over

On a leaked police radio audio clip, NYPD officers responding to protesters at Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn’s 77th Precinct eerily suggested to the other officers at the scene to “shoot those motherfuckers.” Another officer barked to “run them over.” What sounded like an authoritative officer blurted, “Don’t say that over the air.” According to the report […]

NYPD Van Set on Fire During Protests for George Floyd

NYPD Van Set on Fire During Protests for George Floyd

The call for justice for George Floyd is growing as different cities protest against police brutality. Thousands gathered at the Barclays Center as they shouted the provocative chant “NYPD, suck my d*ck!” There are tons of videos showing police using brutal force in an attempt to dismantle the protest. Advertisement And a page was taken […]

NYPD Still Arresting For Non-Violent Crimes Amid Coronavirus Crisis


Law enforcement agencies around the country have been issuing memos to their officers to stop arresting people for non-violent offenses amid the Coronavirus outbreak, however, the NYPD, the largest police department in America, must not have gotten the memo. Even though New York City is leading the country in Covid-19 cases, the NYPD is “not […]

Police Precinct Gets Shot Up in the Bronx Causing #BlueLivesMatter to Trend

NYPD Rumored to Strike on 4th of July to 'Let the City Have Independence Without Cops'

There seems to be an attack on police in the Boogie Down, launching the hashtag to trend #BlueLivesMatter. According to the NYPost, a deranged gunman came into a Bronx police precinct and “emptied his clip,” hitting a ranking officer. Right before that, a pair of cops were “ambushed” and leaving one shot on in the […]

[WATCH] Safaree’s Bodyguards Sought By NYPD Crimestoppers For Assault


Safaree’s bodyguards were allegedly caught on camera stomping someone out in Brooklyn and now NYPD Crimestoppers are looking for the culprits. Footage that was captured outside of a Brooklyn business showed the LHHNY star’s bodyguards putting the beats on a man who referred to his girlfriend Erica Mena as “Nicki Minaj.” NYPD has now published […]

“Mob Wives” Star Drita D’Avanzo Arrested For Drugs And Weapons In NYC Raid

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When keeping it “mob” goes wrong… Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo and her husband Lee were arrested yesterday evening in an NYPD raid on their Staten Island home. According to TMZ, Drita and Lee were busted after police executed a search warrant, uncovering two loaded firearms, 120 pills of hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 22 Xanax pills and over a […]

Pop Smoke Breaks Silence About Rolling Loud Ban

Rolling Loud held its inaugural New York festival this year, and some fans were disappointed to learn that the NYPD banned New York artists like Casanova, Pop Smoke, Don Q, Sheff G, and 22 GZ. According to law enforcement, the aforementioned individuals “have been affiliated with acts of violence citywide. The New York Police Department […]

[WATCH] NYPD Caught On Camera Punching Teens in Face During Arrests

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The NYPD is on blast as a dozen cops and a group of teenagers was caught on video brawling in a Brooklyn subway station. Video shows two officers police officers viciously punching two teens in the face. Five people were arrested after a 2:20 a.m. brawl at the Jay Street-MetroTech in Brooklyn. Police responded to reports of […]

NYPD to Place Undercover Officers in Selected Theaters This Weekend for ‘Joker’ Movie Release


The New York Police Department (NYPD) plans to station undercover police officers in screenings of the upcoming film Joker over concerns that violence could break out. “This is 360-degree policing approach to ensure safety for ticket buyers in their seats, as well as on the streets,” a law enforcement official told Deadline. The officers will be stationed beginning […]