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Shaquille O’Neal Joins Papa John’s Board of Directors


Shaquille O’ Neal has proven that his business acumen is just as dominant as his play on the court. Since his retirement, Shaq has been amassing a business empire. The 4-time NBA champion and Hall of Famer owns 155 Five Guys franchises, several Aunt Annie’s, 40 24 Hour Fitness centers, and has endorsed Fruity Pebbles, […]

John Schnatter, Papa John’s Founder is Suing Papa John’s

John Schnatter, Papa John's Founder is Suing Papa John's

In a strangely meta lawful move, Papa John’s founder, John Schnatter, has filed a claim against his own pizza chain, asserting that the organization neglected to give an adequate reaction to a past demand for interior archives identified with their choice to have him removed recently. Soon after Forbes published a report asserting that Schnatter […]

John Schnatter Believes ‘It Was a Mistake’ to Resign from Papa John’s

PapaJohn'sFounderResignsAfterSayingN WordDuringMediaTrainingSession

Headlines have swirled around John Schnatter, founder of Papa John’s after a report from Forbes stated he dropped the n-word during a May conference call. Ripple effects from his use of the n-word have had him pushed out of his office in the company’s headquarters and resulted in his resignation as chairman. Speaking out for […]

Former Papa John’s CEO Forced Out of His Office

PapaJohn'sFounderResignsAfterSayingN WordDuringMediaTrainingSession

Recent headlines have been far from pleasant for Papa John’s pizza founder John Schnatter who was heard using racist language on a recent conference call. After stepping down as CEO Schnatter’s separation from the company continues as he has been removed from his office in the headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. The details from CNN state […]

Papa Johns Founder Claims he Was Pressured to Use the N-Word

PapaJohnsFounderClaimsheWasPressuredtoUsetheN Word

The disgraced founder of Papa Johns decided that he should play the victim in his controversial situation. Prior this week, John H. Schnatter resigned as the organization’s director after he confessed to dropping the N-word amid a phone call with an advertising office. The 56-year-old tycoon presently asserts his words were taken outside of context to […]

Papa John’s Founder Resigns After Saying N-Word During Media Training Session

PapaJohn'sFounderResignsAfterSayingN WordDuringMediaTrainingSession

John Schnatter has now surrendered as the chairman of Papa John’s International. An announcement from the organization says that “the independent directors of the company have accepted the resignation.” Schnatter has conceded that the report about the hostile and bigot dialect he utilized on the Papa John’s telephone call is valid. “News reports attributing the use […]

John ‘Papa John’ Schnatter Was Caught Using N-Word in Conference Call

papa john founder thesource

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter just keeps digging his own business grave. New reports this afternoon reveal that during a conference call, the face of the Papa John’s franchise used the N-word to detail how Colonel Sanders used to use the racist slur and never faced any backlash. This conference call reportedly happened in May. […]

Papa John’s CEO Blames the NFL for Losing Money


The CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, John Schantter believes Papa John’s is losing money because of the NFL and their lack of leadership. On 3Q earnings call, @papajohns CEO John Schnatter blames "NFL leadership" for "current debacle" between players and owners. Stock is -5% — Chris Otts (@christopherotts) November 1, 2017 .@papajohns cut earnings projections […]