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John Cena Joins the Cast of ‘Fast & Furious 9’

John Cena

The Fast & Furious franchise just received more star power. Vin Deisel hit Instagram to reveal the 9th edition of the main set of films in the franchise will feature 16-time WWE champion and action film star John Cena. Diesel, aka Dominic Toretto, appeared on Instagram stating Cena was a gift from Pablo, a name […]

We Rated All Seven ‘Fast and the Furious’ Films, Because Why Not?

The fast

The first movie is a classic. If you didn’t fall in love with the first Fast and Furious then there wouldn’t be a franchise. For that reason The fast and furious (Rob Cohen, 2001) is ranked as #1. Brian O’Conor is a FBI agent who suppose to bring down Dominic Toretto, but ends up falling in […]

Vin Diesel Names Daughter in Tribute to Paul Walker

Vin Diesel

It was a sad day in November 2013 when the world learned of the horrific, fiery death of The Fast & The Furious star, Paul Walker. With the seventh installment of the film franchise to hit theaters next week, the excitement of the upcoming blockbuster is met with an overwhelming somberness as it will be the last film […]