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DreamDoll Alludes Domestic Violence Led to Her Split From YBN Almighty Jay

DreamDoll Alludes Domestic Violence Led to her Split From YBN Almighty Jay

DreamDoll has been on the low-key grind. The last time she was making rounds in the headlines, she was linked to rapper YBN Almighty Jay. But that mysteriously ended and neither of them publicly commented until just recently. The rapper and reality star made an appearance on BLovesLife’s popular seafood boil video series and was […]

J. Prince Got YBN Almighty Jay’s Chain Back

J. Prince Got YBN Almight Jay's Chain Back

A week after YBN Almighty Jay was jumped and robbed in NYC, J. Prince successfully got his Rap-a-Lot chain back. The mogul didn’t explain exactly how he got the chain back, but he confirmed the news on social media. “Real recognizes real in every hood and has a way of connecting in spite of clowns […]

J. Prince Calls to Unite the Streets to Resolve YBN Almighty Jay Robbery

J. Prince Responds to NBA YoungBoy: 'You're a Dumb Boy with Limited Thinking Ability and Disrespectful

News has become widespread regarding the attack and robbery of YBN Almighty Jay. The attacked occurred in the Bronx and left the rising rapper with significant injuries. The thieves have posted the stolen goods of YBN, which include a Rap-A-Lot chain, which, CEO J.Prince has seen as a personal attack. J. Prince took to Instagram […]

[WATCH] Blac Chyna’s Ex-BF YBN Almighty Jay Beaten and Robbed in NYC


Blac Chyna’s ex Jay Bradley aka YBN Almighty Jay was beaten and robbed yesterday in NYC. The cause of the assault is unclear, but the entire ordeal was caught on video, with the 18-year old being punched, kicked and even having his pockets dug. At least ten men engaged in the repeated beating, which eventually […]