Faulty Floorboard Impales 14-Year-Old High School Basketball Player

During a recent basketball game, a 14-year-old high school basketball player suffered one of the more gruesome injuries you’ll ever see on the hardwood. The 14-year old Wisconsin girl collided with an opposing player sending the both of them sliding across the floor, and at first glance, it appears that Newton’s law of motion is what made one of the players come to a screeching halt. In fact, it was a loose floorboard that impaled her, leaving her unable to get up on her own. Eventually the team’s coach–the girl’s mother–rushed in when she realized that something was wrong, and medics would soon be called.

Thankfully, the girl is recovering nicely, though she had to spend a night in the hospital. The board, which was half-an-inch thick according to the above report, missed all her vital organs. Hopefully she’ll be back on the court in no time.