Now that Kanye West has somewhat confirmed his upcoming collaborative album with Drake (at Day 2 of OVO Fest) the internet is in a total frenzy. Luckily, we were ahead of the game hinting at six Kanye/Drake collaborations last week. Now the 6 God / Yeezy duo project is a tad more concrete, we’ll expand on our A&R duties, and cook up an entire album.

First, here’s the mixtape that we foreshadowed for Drizzy and Yeezy:

  1. “Keep The Family Close/Real Friends (Intro)” – A mash up of Drake’s Views intro, and “Real Friends” from The Life of Pablo. Drake and Kanye talking family issues on the same track? Iconic. Keep Ty Dolla Sign on this track, let he and Drake tag team a real melodic hook, cooking with the sauce. Drake should have one of those “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music” last verses, too. Speaking of which…

  2. “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music feat The Throne” – Kanye and JAY Z trading bars in the middle of Jigga’s “cake” scheme, oh man, oh man!

Kanye West Lyrics 

Look at my wife, she got famous cakes,

speaking of Famous, that b*tch Taylor, wait,

I ain’t tryna get sued, I’m tryna keep my cake,

fuck that, I made her Famous, there goes another legal case

3.  “Slow Jamz – feat Drake, Twista, Jamie Foxx” – Kanye taps Drake to help him remake the classic cut with Jamie Foxx and Twista. Drake lends a slowed down flow about how he, and one or more of his exes used to listen to slow jams in the parking lot of a hotel, then goes into a ballad with Jamie Foxx vocals in the background. Kanye adds a new verse, and this is the commercial smash of the collaborative mixtape. Radio loves it!

4. “Controlla Remix (Drake & Kanye feat Charlie Wilson)” – Kanye pulls out the autotune, and goes all Yeezus on “Controlla”, tapping Charlie Wilson to assist the vocals. Kanye West gives a descriptive tale of sex life with Kim and how her sex appeal controls the public’s view of her. Drake’s doesn’t change much about his parts of the song, using it as an official remix. Everybody in all white linen for the video….Drake’s dad is there, of course.

5. “Power (Drake & Kanye)” – Drake bigs himself up in this remix of “Power.” Kanye West uses his verse to big Drake up as well. Drake takes ambiguous shots.

Drake’s Lyrics 

People I used to look at as an idol, I’m talking kings of the Big Apple, now I’m the king at Apple, and I’m coming for the title,

Now every time I’m at the club it sounds like a Drake recital, secretly they look at my Views like its the gospel, but in public they act like they hate the Bible.

6. “Know Yourself/Mercy (Outro)” feat 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Pusha T, Lil Wayne & Future  – Finish the tape off with a big anthem of an outro. Groundbreaking. Lil Wayne, Push, and Drizzy on the same track. Beef squashed. Let’s get this money. The Grammy’s will call to have this joint open up the show. It’s not all love though, everyone is sparring to be the best on the record, all taking subtle shots at each other.

Drake: “Kanye pushed for this, only reason I’m here, if God is the only fear, and I’m the 6 god, what’s the reason to fear?”

Pusha T: “Cocaine king, I’m propane’s kin, aay Ye, they better not take me light, like yo man’s skin. Long as this is all about the cream like off white, you know I don’t mind, I’m used to being around soft white.”

Lil Wayne: “Nobody better play with Drizzy wrong, especially on Drizzy song, I got a blunt full of problems, yeah my blizzy long, play with Drizzy wrong on Drizzy song, we show up to your step like a Christmas song.”

This album is a Kanye West, Drake collaboration. G.O.O.D Music/OVO. Only the best producers called, star studded features, controversial raps, chart topping singles, and more. Will it be able to rival Watch The Throne? We’ll let the world decide. For now, we’ve cooked up 6 more songs for you from the duo. We’ve built up a tracklist, a list of producers, some possible lyrics, and features. Let us foreshadow this huge collaboration album like only we can.

  1. Welcome To The Gates (Intro) (prod. by Kanye West) – You remember “Ultra Light Beam” from The Life of Pablo right? This tops that in terms of intros. With Drake on hook duties, and Kanye’s “take me to church” production, this intro will rival all intros. Kanye West, and Drake will talk their Yeezus, and 6 god talk, and use that to play off of the theme of “Welcome To The Gates”, welcoming listeners to their album, as if they’re welcoming them to Heaven. The sample? Yolanda Adams‘ “Open My Heart”. Kanye completely flips it, and turns it into a new moment in music.
  2. Field N***A (prod. by Timbaland) – This song will have that Timbo bounce, and would be a major hit if it wasn’t for the content? What does the content consist of? Kanye’s verse is an ode to being treated like a “field n***a” by major corporations, so he had to become a runaway slave and begin bossing up. He speaks on leaving Nike for Adidas, he speaks on Yeezy Season, but still trying to break through. Drake takes a chance to revisit his “not being Black enough, not being white enough” stance. Rapping, “I’m too light to be a field n***a, but I’m in the field n***a… “. This song will sound like a radio smash, it will be catchy, but the probability of it crossing over is unlikely.
  3. Future’s Interlude (prod. by Metro Boomin & Kanye West) – Future gets really deep about everything that’s been surrounding him lately.  Talks deeply about family issues, he asks Kanye about Desiigner, he talks to the rap game and asks it if it still needs him. In a real drugged out, slurred up Future kind of way, he makes one of his deepest songs to date.
  4. Skit #1: Barbershop Talk 

INT: Barbershop – clippers buzzing

Guy 1: All I’m saying is, Drake isn’t that good, he light skin so people like him.

Barber: Exactly brah, dude a singer to me, I don’t care what nobody say.

Guy 1: Forreal though, I hate when ppl put dude in they top 5 & shit.

Barber: Top 5? Man, top 5 softest, with a few extra t’s.

Guy 2: What about Kanye? How yall feel about Kanye West?

Barber: That n***a CRAZY, never could rap, his beats alright though.

Guy 1: Yeah, yeah I could feel that, dude is crazy… I still say he should’ve never snatched that mic from..


5. Barbershop Talk (prod. by 40) – “They in the barbershops talking like they Ice Cube, like I’m a nice dude, like I ain’t handle that Philly situation like that Iverson dude…ha, oh we talking bout practice?” Drake & Kanye trade The Throne style bars, back and forth, both defending themselves from their usual critiques. 40 goes in on the beat, making it extremely easy to rap over, so that Drake and Kanye can both get their rocks off, and talk their shit.

6. Give Thanks (prod. by Kanye West) – Kanye & Drake use the outro to swallow their pride, and thank a lot of people who put them in the game. At the end of “Give Thanks” they give a “Last Call” style speech about their stories, and what got them to the level they’re at now. Kanye speaks on life, post meltdown and how he has risen as a designer/creator. Drake gives a spill on the timeline in between meeting Wayne and becoming one of the biggest artist in music. There’s excerpts for both artists from: Lil Wayne, JAY Z, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, Rihanna, Lenny S, DJ Khaled….and Beyoncé. All of these people speak highly of Drizzy, and Yeezy finishing off their album in a heartfelt way.