T.I. has been known to be vocal about important issues. Following the shocking claims that Nelly raped a woman on his tour bus, Tip decided to speak out.

After Mike Tyson…after muthafuckin’ Tupac…after all the other muthafuckas who done been with girls and the girls got mad for whatever reason and left off and said that they raped them or whatnot… what the fuck ever happened when a muthafucka find out that the bitch was lying my nigga? What consequences is there for this young lady?

In 1992, Tyson was convicted for the rape of an 18-year-old woman, and Pac suffered the same consequences two years later. Many people believed that they were both innocent, but they still dealt with the backlash.

Although T.I. doesn’t mention Nelly by name, it only makes sense that his Instagram video below was influenced by the incident that sent shockwaves through the Hip Hop community. Nelly completely denies the allegations and says that he has been “targeted”.

Nah but Fareal Tho?????

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