The disrespect. So Steph Curry went Steph Curry and blasted the Washington Wizards Wednesday night in a beatdown that saw the two-time NBA MVP rack up 51 points in 3 quarters. Crazy right? Well, Kevin Durant also played, chipped in a cool 30 and gave insult to injury as he referred to his opponents as “weak.”

KD was heading to the bench after a dunk on his hometown squad and is caught on camera with some words directed to, presumably, his head coach Steve Kerr: “Sub me out. I don’t wanna play no more, man. They are weak.” Imagine hearing that if you were on the opposing team.


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“Sub me out. I don’t wanna play no more, man” -KD called the Wizards weak 😂

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The magic of Chef Curry and Durant, along with the rest of the Monstars is still on a road trip and are scheduled to pull up to Madison Square Garden on Friday night. Durant, who is an unrestricted free agent at the end of this year, is rumored to head to the Knicks and conclude his tenure with the Warriors. While that is yet to be seen, the Knicks faithful is looking to end the New York City basketball title drought and have placed up a billboard to recruit one of the best in the world. Do you think it will work?